Ryan Vera

"I was replacing parts in my computer and I was having trouble i thought i did everything right. I brought it to advantage computers and the were very friendly and walked me through the things i did wrong to in the future if i decided to do this again i could get it right. They wer extremely knowledgeable and fast."

Nadine Mickey

"Everything they've done for Quality Bookkeeping has been top rated work. From upgrading my wifi, setting up an email exchange so I can receive encrypted email from clients, repairing my computer, and upgrading my laptop to handle the work load put on it on a daily basis by a very busy bookkeeping office. The customer service is very friendly, highly knowledgeable, and quick to respond. Walking in to their offices, you're greeted by a friendly face, an environment that's both welcoming and clean. Neatness is something I admire, and Advantage Computers doesn't have piles of parts and equipment on display. Even the work rooms are neat. Very friendly service, high quality parts and equipment, and a knowledgeable staff! I highly recommend Advantage Computers to anyone looking for a top quality IT, computer repair service."

Rynbert Batallones

"I highly recommend this guys!
I got my computer the same day after I brought it in for repair and they did a great job on it. It's really worth the money. But the best thing is even after weeks and months, I can still call them and ask a few questions about it. So yea, I highly recommend this guys."