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Starting at $40


Diagnostic ($40)
Get a diagnostic for $40. We will tell you what is wrong with your PC and will get pricing to fix it. The $40 diagnostic cost can be deducted from any service that is done in the same visit. This means, if your computer is failed and non-fixable that you can apply $40 towards a backup and then have us restore it to another device.

Install Windows Fresh, no backup or restore ($100)
Want your computer running like new? Let us reformat your computer and install windows fresh. *Customer must provide product key for Windows. Typically this is affixed to the computer.

Backup ($80+)
We backup your computer or hard drive to another device. Pricing depends on the amount of data and the performance of the old drive.

System Cleanup and Optimization ($100)
Have our techs run a full cleaning. We check for malware with all of our scanners. We optimize your system and fix errors. Lastly, we air clean your computer to get all of the dust out.


** All prices are subject to change and are at the discretion of Advantage Computers.